Google Tricks

December 1, 2011

Pretty cool Infographic on Google tricks.  Didn’t know about the ~ operator for Google.  For the full size head over to HackCollege .

Though, I still like to ask Google natural language questions… if they have that many engineers they should be working on it.

Some Google-Fu

Internet Crazes

September 30, 2011

I saw this the other day about how the media reports “internet crazes.”

It makes a great point about how internet access basically outnumbers the number of cable subscribers in the US.  The resulting irony being the TV’s condensation towards “that crazy internet” is somewhat misguided.  I am not sure if I entirely buy it, however.  One has to remember that TV ownership is skewed towards the high end of the age range while internet usage is skewed in the opposite direction (US Census Data).

So basically, it’s the modern day, “get off my lawn.”  The times they are a changing…


June 20, 2011

Lets just say that things are going well so far in Italy.


Hanging in the Prato delle Valle

Summer Fun

April 8, 2011

Just got notice a week or two ago that I’ll be spending the summer in Italy!

As part of the IJCAI doctoral consortium I have received funding from the NSF to go work with Dr. Francesca Rossi at the University of Padova.  Right now we are just in the first stages of working out logistics and everything else that comes with these summer moves.  I wonder how much different this is going to be now that I am a little older?  Though  I would like to think that I am a little wiser regarding these short term duty/research appointments…. maybe.

In other news I have just started using RStudio.  Its a pretty cool integrated environment for doing statistical analysis in R.  Before I was attempting to use some combination of Python/Numpy/MatPlotPy but it was very cumbersome and didn’t feel right.  So, though I have to learn my way around R the environment is a lot nicer.  I suspose I could use MatLab but I don’t really want to be tied to paying that much for statistical analysis.

Other than that its the usual cycle of writing, reading, and research (the graduate school 3 R’s?).  I’ve gotten a couple papers in so far this year so I am totally pumped about that… except for the part where I get to spend this whole Friday getting camera ready copies together ;-)


BAB Saturday!!!


September 30, 2010

I’ve always loved this quote:

“Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be.”

-Kurt Vonnegut

Home Again

September 23, 2010

Just spent a very entertaining week in Germany.  I got to attend COMSOC 2010 which was a great experience!  I came away with some new ideas for work and some (possibly) new co-authors.  I don’t have any really good pictures from the trip but I’ll get something up here eventually.

I just got done migrating the lab’s website over to our new home at .  Its looking good but it was a struggle to get Twiki to do what I wanted at some points.  The WYSIWYG thats built into the current Twiki keeps not parsing its own markup correctly.  It makes some of the pages very hard to update.

I want to keep a more current record on this blog of what I am working on so here goes.  After the website update I am preparing a submission for AAMAS.  Its going to be based around our probabilistic tournament results which I need to clean up and add a more compelling story.  I am also working with Tom (an undergrad) on generating natural language interfaces for MDPs.  This is a lot of writing on my part as Tom is doing most of the coding right now.  We came up with some good algorithms but we need a pretty good amount of software to test them.  For some reason he got the coding and I got the writing…. yeah!  I am also in the planning stages of a nice empirical paper for some stuff I saw at COMSOC.

Its a good time; just lots of work!